Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a W.I.P.!!!

I have many works in progress laying around the house. There are a couple tatting projects - but that's just thread - is that really a PROJECT? I've got three quilts going, piecing one and quilting the other two. A fourth quilt is planned, but since nothing is cut on it, I still count it as part of my stash :)

I was so excited last night when I figured out how to tat with two shuttles! I have made the same bookmark over and over - now I can try some new things! Unfortunately, I got so excited that I forgot a join and have to start over. But it is a pretty little flub up anyway!

Here's where it gets messy...I have quite a back log of sewing projects building up. Here is an illustrated list:

Drapes for bedroom - love fabric - nervous there isn't enough!

Swing top for my swinging Groovy Girl

Dress for Baby Doll (better hurry - she's growin')

Another dress for Baby Doll (might be too big!)

Dress for Groovy Girl (but not for Easter, apparently)

Speaking of Easter, I really would like making dresses, but who am I kidding. I have my hands full and my tubs overflowing. It will be a miracle if I get all of these clothes made before the girls have a growth spurt. Then again, it just takes getting back in the groove. I made Baby Doll a little dress WITH A ZIPPER in 1.5 hours on halloween!

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