Saturday, March 21, 2009

Groovy Girl's WIP is WOW!

Groovy Girl was quilting up a storm today. I am her official knotter - she kept me so busy I couldn't get anything done in between knots! She enjoyed quilting except for one huffy outburst which caused the needle to go AWOL briefly (my toes are curling thinking about it). Turned out she was having a hard time working the needle through the bulky seams, so I marked the thick spots on the tape she uses for a stitching guide. Apparently forewarned is forearmed because she didn't have any more problems.

Tomorrow we will put the binding on - yes, WE will. She was disappointed that I would have to sew one edge on for her with the machine - she said she wished she was 20 so SHE could do it. I didn't tell her that she only needs to wish herself maybe 10 or so...I don't want to be locked in to anything.

Here is a close-up of her fine work...

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