Monday, March 16, 2009

My Creative Notebook

I would love to take credit for all the pretty things in my header, but I can't, even if I'm just talking to myself and maybe one anonymous follower (Hi!).

All of the tatting except the rectangular bookmarks were made by my mom's mom. She is the reason I wanted to learn to tat. The pillow case was also embroidered by Grandma, and the round doilies were crocheted either by mom's sister or Grandma. The yellow tatting shuttle in the middle is Grandma's. It has pink thread on it. I like that she wound that thread on it.

The pieced blocks and the quilt are stuff I am working on. I have a LONG way to go with both, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't even REALLY matter if I EVER finish them. I just like working on them when I feel like it. Sure, it would be nice to see the finished quilt on the bed with some embroidered pillowcases (crocheted on the edge of course), but I get a lot of enjoyment from working on them so finishing fast and furious isn't a big priority. I always get distracted by other new and old loves. I enjoy sewing, tatting, quilting, photography and I would love to crochet, knit and maybe blog - although writing isn't my forte, I do like trying to make it a pretty blog (although I'm getting poor reviews so far, ahem).

My plan is just to use this blog as a sort of notebook to keep track of all my ideas. I have a lot of them and I forget a lot of them. So maybe I'll be able to inspire myself to try more of them, keep on working to finish the ones I have started... oh, and possibly learn from past mistakes.

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