Thursday, October 4, 2012

Babydoll's Magical Knits

The weather has become perfect
for Babydoll to start wearing
her summer knitting.
I've been enjoying listening to audio books while I knit.
In an attempt to interest Groovy Girl in a
little summer reading,
I picked up the first Harry Potter from the library
and got totally hooked on it myself.  

I listened to the whole series this summer
as I knit these great patterns.
Jim Dale narrated all of the books.
He really brings the characters to life.

When I fell in love with the top pattern,
I noticed it was called "Hermione"
and thought the designer must like Harry Potter.
Somewhere around book four
and while I was hard at work on Hermione,
I noticed the name of the shrug,
by the same designer, was "Ginny."
Harry Potter fan - check!

Toward the end of the series, I began thinking
a shrug was a great choice for Ginny,
and the fact that Hermione has
an eyelet pattern called "Elfin"
incorporated into it
couldn't be more perfect.

I doubt my creative pursuits and "reading" will
ever be so perfectly synced again,
so pardon me for saying 
that it made summer seem

"Hermione" and "Ginny" are both from

They were designed by
Janine le Cras.

I am working on my third,
and definitely not last,
project from this book...
Looks like I'll have to hit the kid's section
of the library,
or maybe just listen to The Pretenders.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

This shell was made for my oldest daughter 
from a pattern I found in 
Knit Simple spring/summer 2012.
It's the Sideways Shell by Mari Tobita.
It's a great pattern and I had fun knitting it.

I used Debbie Bliss Amalfi yarn.
It is a cotton blend,
So soft and a pleasure to knit.

Loved the pattern,
Loved the yarn,
Not together.
And like HOLDING a reservation,
the working TOGETHER
is probably the most important part.

I'm still learning about yarn fibers
and how they knit up.
I didn't realize the cotton would
so much
without a care 
for springing back...
As a result, the shell is pretty roomy
and blocking doesn't help.

It's not quite what a teenager is going for...
She's a sweetheart though
and wore it all day yesterday.
She said it felt really nice on.
Maybe she can just wear it around the house.
That's OK by me.
It's a process...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dad's Socks

It only took thousands of tiny stitches
to make Dad's socks.

He received them in February.
He said they fit and seemed quite pleased with them.
I was very happy.

I thought about him wearing these socks
every time I sat down to knit,
and sometimes stitch by stitch.
I loved making them for him even though
I had rip back my work
on occasion.

That's something I like about knitting -
the good thoughts I have for the person 
I am knitting for.

Too bad the thoughts can't be
sent along as well with the knitting,
but I guess the
thousands of tiny stitches
are proof enough
that they were there.
Pattern: Simplicity
Book: Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks
Author: Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tatting Goddess

Who could have guessed that
a little thread,
adequate bandwidth,
a creative mind
and a generous heart
could bring so many strangers together.

Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.

I will miss you Gina,
as will all of Tatland.
You helped make
this little corner of the internet
a home to so many.