Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Doll and Good Mama Go Shopping - Conclusion

When last we saw our heroine, Baby Doll, she had endured countless attempts of subterfuge by "Good" Mama to thwart her pursuit of a fine, embroidered, vintage linen, but had emerged from the antique mall victorious and clutching her prize.

"Good" Mama's feelings toward the vintage pillowcase which "didn't go" in Baby Doll's room softened on the drive home and she said to Baby Doll, "I'll just sew the end up and finish the pillowcase for you."

"No Mama, I want a dress!" exclaimed Baby Doll.

Today Baby Doll's dream came true.

The End

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Time Coming

I threaded these beads and wound this shuttle with thread long ago with no particular pattern in mind to tat. I liked the combination of beads and thread SO much it took me until last week to find the "perfect" pattern. I'm working on Tatted Doily (pg 68) from A Tatter's Workbook.  As you can see, I am just getting started. It may still be a long time coming...

At the beginning of summer I dreamed the impossible dream.  As it turns out, I have not gotten much tatting or sewing done this summer.  I HAVE had six helping hands and even eight when Baby Doll folds washcloths, but with all of us in constant company there isn't a whole lot of "quiet" time to spare (you were right, Jane).  I can't complain though because I have had six helping legs, as well as four stroller wheels, who have been willing to go on VERY long daily walks this summer and as a result I have lost fifteen pounds and feel YEARS younger.

I am telling you all of this as a round about way of explaining why I STILL haven't posted a Tatting Press tutorial.  This is the giveaway press I made for Kimberly and posted to her in June.  I had taken photos for the tutorial and started cropping and arranging them when the computer hard drive crashed.  After I got back into the process, I decided a little more tweaking was needed.  Those tweaks were added to Kimberly's press but need to be added to the tutorial.  

I WILL prepare a tutorial and plan to begin working on it again after school starts in a couple weeks.  I have used mine all summer and have been VERY pleased with it, so I want VERY much to share it here.  Hopefully "soon" will be SOON this time!