Monday, March 23, 2009

Well, It's About Time...

SOMEBODY finished a QUILT around here!

Groovy Girl is very happy (she is smiling back there).  And I have learned something about binding on this little quilt:

1. Make your own - it's softer and  easier to get a needle through - I know this because the package of pretty pink double folded bias tape I bought was too stiff for Groovy Girl to whip stitch through, so I had the pleasure.  (PLUS you can use that handy tool for making binding that you HAD to have)

2. If you want to do mitered corners but don't remember the trick, LOOK IT UP! - It is so much easier than winging it, messing it up, and ripping it out...but better yet...

3. FORGET the mitered corners, bind two sides, whip stitch them, then add binding to the other sides tucking in the ends.  Looks PLENTY nice!  AND it gets done without the cussing!!!

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