Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tatting Press Winners!

It's been ANOTHER busy week around here.

Putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it with ornaments.
Chasing Baby Doll as she absconds with the ornaments.
Hanging the breakable ornaments out of her reach.
Finding out she can reach farther than I thought.
Admitting defeat.
Taking the ornaments off and going to paper decorations.

Making cookies for a holiday cookie swap.
Trusting my 4th grade self to have 
written down my then
recipe correctly and
I had good taste in cookies then.
I did and I did.
They were easy and yummy.
The cookies we brought home were yummy too!
Yep, they were good - past tense...

Catching up on shopping.
Catching up on shopping.
Catching up on shopping.


for all your wonderful comments about the press pattern!
I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how good you made me feel!!!

I had Baby Doll pick the 
Tatting Press Giveaway winners
out of a hat...

This press will be sent to Gemini,

And this press will be sent to umintsuru.

Please email me your addresses and I will get these in the mail.

Thank you to everyone who entered.
I will be doing this again.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tatting Press Pattern is READY... and a GIVEAWAY!

You read that right!
The press pattern is FINALLY ready!
Click HERE to get it!

THANK YOU to my blogging friends,
for giving the pattern
and instructions a read through
and making suggestions
for improvement.

And THANK YOU to all of you,
for your kind comments
for putting up with my endless press posts.
I haven't been a very good blogging friend of late
while I have been trying to finish this up.

To celebrate completing the pattern,
I would like to have a

Comment on THIS post
and I will put your name
in the hat (literally)
for a chance to 
win one of two presses.
I will draw two names
DECEMBER 15, 2010.

I'm going to keep making presses
and plan to host future giveaways.
In fact, I have one press
currently in the works,
intended for a tatter
who hoped very much that 
she lived NORTH of me.
She SO does!

Tatting Press Pattern

The Tatting Press
I designed the Tatting Press as a way to keep my on-the-go AND in-the-home tatting projects neat, tidy and ready to tat when I was ready to tat.  No more tangled threads - I just pick up my tatting and start where I left off!

I am sharing the pattern here for your PERSONAL use.  Feel free to email me if there is something in the pattern which is unclear.  If you make a press and post about it, please link back to this post... and let me know!  I would love to see your press! 
Shuttle Pockets
Back Pocket
Your Current Tatting Project
Add a Light for Tatting at Night

You can scroll through the pattern pages embedded below.   For a copy of the pattern, click the following link, "TATTING PRESS PATTERN DOWNLOAD", and you will be able to download each page individually.  Please email me if you have any difficulty in accessing the pattern.