Friday, May 15, 2009

The Giving Cake

My birthday cake has kept the kids in snacks the entire week. When the cake ran out there was still oodles of icing so I made sandwiches with graham crackers. We ALL thought they were yummy!

Baby Doll made a grab for one, but she hasn't had anything that sweet yet and I'd like to keep it that way a little longer, so she got a plain old graham cracker and was tickled.

I have started cutting into the drape fabric for our bedroom. Yeah me! I hope to get the black out lining cut tomorrow. I found a tutorial for lined tab curtains by Shelly Detten at 7 Layer Studio. They are so pretty! I'm thinking of trying it. I'll have to play around with the fabric to see if my drapes are wide enough to look nice worked up that way. I sure hope so because I think it would simplify things and I like the style. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on one hand - I am under the impression crossing more fingers than that negates the whole deal. FYI

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