Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not Letting Any Grass Grow Under My Feet

Look what I did today! Well that and a trip to the doctor and two pharmacies for Baby Doll... But check that little beauty out! It only has ONE thread coming out of the back which means I HID MY BEGINNING THREAD!!! AND it's a good shape, so I guess I can stop practicing in the pickup line at school and put it to use!

Although we have a VERY nice doctor, I didn't take Baby Doll there for an outing. She woke up barking like a seal. She has allergies. So I had to dust off the old nebulizer. I got this cute new mask for her to use (actually this is all they had). It has a dinosaur face on it so kids will like wearing it. It should come with a mirror though, because as soon as it goes on Baby Doll's face, she screams and screams. So I get to wrestle down an angry, red T-rex every four hours or so. At least the medications going through it are working even if the "fun" aspect of it is a total failure.

(actually this all happened YESTERDAY, thank goodness, or it would have involved the emergency room)

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