Friday, April 9, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

but no worries, because I'm talking wicked GOOD, as in the giveaway I won from Aileen's Wicked Tats!  For her birthday, Aileen hosted a party favor giveaway and much to my surprise, MY name was drawn for a prize!  I don't know WHAT I am doing, but lately I have been quite lucky and it all began with Aileen.  Previously, IN MY WHOLE, ENTIRE LIFE, I had only won ONE thing... a frozen turkey in fourth grade... imagine my delight...

Well I'm not in grade school anymore and just LOOK at the cool party favors Aileen sent!  I have done QUITE a bit of cross stitch in my time and enjoy it VERY much.  Cross Stitcher magazine has some really pretty charts, so I may be finding myself with a piece of lugana and two strands of floss in my hand again... IF I can find the magazine!  I taught Groovy Girl (my third grader) to cross stitch last summer and she has already kiped it once - caught her reading it in bed.  She has her eye on this chart in the "how to" section:

Aileen also sent a COOL, cross stitch, key chain which has charts for the Chinese Zodiac.  I will get to stitch this one for sure... but probably not in my sign.  Most likely, I will stitch up a pig for my oldest daughter.  She flipped for it when she saw it, which just goes to show how cool it is, because she isn't normally a flipper!  Plus, the pig is SO DARN CUTE!

Thank you Aileen!  We are ALL enjoying your party favor prizes!!!

(by the way, Baby Doll is beginning to think she is a hand model)


Fox said...

I think it's great that you taught Groovy Girl to cross stitch! Your kids are way ahead of the game with a mom like you! Saves them years of self-learning! Trust me, I know!
That package looks FUN!
♥Fox : )

Martha said...

Congratulations -- Aileen is obviously an extra nice and generous person to give away presents on her own birthday!

Cross stitching is such a great introductory needlecraft for kids -- and these are great patterns.

Lelia said...

Lucky lucky YOU!

yes Ann, the bag in picture (on the blog) is my tatting bag. I really like it. I bought it at the local quilt show for $5 and have used it constantly.

It seems to be the perfect size for tatting balls & tools.

If I ever get good enough to tat out of the house - I'd have to invest in something with a zipper top : ) This is open at the top with a loop & button to close

enjoy the day