Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love, Love, Pat, Pat - A Quilt for Baby Doll

I recently posted pictures of a pillow and pillowcase I made for Baby Doll's American Girl doll, Emily.  I commented later that Baby Doll had stood beside me at the sewing machine as I stitched the final seams. When I was done, she put out her little hand for the pillow and upon receiving it put out her other hand and said simply, "Blanket."  My blogging friend, Martha replied, "Tell Baby Doll not to worry -- a little yellow doll quilt will be coming her way soon from Washington."  I LOVE Martha's blog, Q is for Quilter and admire her work greatly, so I have been very excited, especially when she began posting about the Baby Doll Quilt she had begun.  Yesterday it arrived in the mail and it is absolutely ADORABLE!

(pat, pat)

It's like a ray of sunshine!  I LOVE the yellow setting blocks and the fabrics Martha chose!  She makes most of her quilts using vintage fabrics.  The quilt is approximately 17" x 23" and is OVERFLOWING with 1930's era prints!

Martha pieced it by machine and then hand quilted it with little tulips in the setting triangles because the fabrics reminded her of spring.

It is SUCH a happy little quilt!

Even the back is sunny and bright!

(love, love)

Baby Doll LOVES her little quilt!  She squealed when we opened the package yesterday and called it her "blanquets (said with a lisp)."  Poor Emily didn't happen to be nearby, so Baby Doll gathered up Stella in the purple and Mora in the plaid and went to snuggle with them and the blanquets (don't forget the lisp) in a chair.  

We didn't get to play much today because we had a sick sibling keeping us company, but we will get Emily all tucked in and share with you soon!

Thank you Martha - it is a special little quilt 
and you are such a kind friend!


Isdihara said...

That quilt is pure sunshine! What a stunning and cheery gift!

Martha said...

I'm so glad Baby Doll likes the little quilt -- it was a lot of fun to make. As usual, your photographs are wonderful -- especially the two with Baby Doll patting the quilt and cuddling with her dolls.

Fox said...

Your post made my day, Ann, and that is saying a lot as it is gloomy and rainy outside this morning. That beautiful quilt put the sun back in my world! Lovely! And the pic of Baby Doll is sweet. One can just feel the hug!
F♥x : )

Fox said...

I am going got be late for work - and it is all Martha's fault! I have been looking at her work - it is fantastic! Beautiful quilts!
Fox : )

Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

What a sweet quilt for a sweet little one and her doll(s) - and what a nice gift! Surely the quilt will be treasured for a long, long time.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Isdihara! It put a BIG smile on both our faces when we opened it. Even my husband who usually says, "That's nice." to everything, was very vocal in his praise!

Hey Martha! Thank you again. It is so much fun seeing Baby Doll with your quilt. She knows it is very special.

You may have been late to work, Fox, but I'm sure you went with a spring in your step after visiting Martha's blog. Isn't it amazing? I think her enjoyment for sewing shines through her projects. It really does brighten your day looking at them.

It is definitely a treasure, Cindy!

:) Ann

Linda said...

The colors in the quilt are so bright and happy. I love it!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping in! You should check out Martha's blog. Her quilting is BEAUTIFUL and always puts a smile on my face!
:) Ann

American Quilter's Society said...

Such a cute idea and we love all the bright colors. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog!


June D said...

Everyone should have one of these cheerful quilts. Glad I stopped by!