Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Little Gardener

These have become Baby Doll's pansies.  A neighbor's daughter sold them to me as part of a team fundraiser, I planted them in a couple pots in the backyard last October and haven't touched them since.  Mother Nature watered them through the winter months with more rain than we are used to and MUCH more snow than we are used to. Things have warmed up and dried out now.  The flowers needed watering on a regular basis but my mind has been elsewhere.  You may recall that I am a cold blooded plant killer.  Things were looking pretty bad for my pots of pansies.  That's when Baby Doll stepped in.  She LOVES being outside and in her ramblings through the back yard she took an interest in the sad, potted pansies.  At first I thought her interest would kill them.  She is a rather brutal dead header.  I humored her when she asked for repeated cups of water knowing she meant it for the flowers.  Then about a week ago, I noticed that the pansies were perking up.  Tonight both pots were full of flowers.  Do you think green genes are recessive?  Because although I don't exhibit many indications of having a green thumb, I seem to have passed my green genes on to the next generation.


Fox said...

LOL! That was a terrific post!
I am still grinning from ear to ear ear; I can just see Baby Doll tending to them in her garden!

Ah, yes, the gene pool... My son seems to have inherited the 'Key-Panic', that reaction when one knows they have been stolen; one tends to wave ones fist around in frustration, fear and anger at this dastardly act by one's sister, landlord, or grocery clerk.

With chagrin, one sees the keys clutched tightly in the flapping hand a little to late. Self dignity is always compromised!

♥ Fox : )

sewmuchfun4 said...

Now THAT made me LOL, Fox! Don't look at me, I don't have your keys!

:))) Ann

Happy Bluebird said...

Beeeeyoootiful photo of the pansies. And Baby Doll is a wonderful green thumb. Funny how our offspring bring out some of our best traits!

Martha said...

Such a cute post, Ann -- I can just imagine Baby Doll out there watering those pansies.

I can commiserate wit you. I also come from a long line of gardeners, and don't seem to have the gene at all (I think it should have shown up by now because I am pretty darn old). I had hope at one time -- when Emily was little she wanted to be a "flower picker" when she grew up. When I suggested she might not be able to earn a living picking flowers, she decided that she would be a "flower picker and vase seller." Now she has one tiny succulent in her apartment which, honestly, is not doing all that well.