Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Norm has Landed!

Well, I was going to name him Little Mojo - but when all was said and done,  and HE was done, I realized Jane was right and that my rooster does INDEED look like a Norman!  Whatever moniker he goes by, I am QUITE happy with my little guy.  He's a colorful fellow and patient too!  It took me a week to get his leg and tail feathers on and he didn't make a peep about it!  He's crowing now though!!

I really appreciate Jane Eborall hosting this TIAS.  It was SO much fun and I learned ALLOT!  It was especially good for me not to know what was coming each day.  Still being a tatting newbie, I tend to look at patterns and decide if I think they are doable for me.  While it may ensure current success, that attitude doesn't encourage growth!  To be honest, I probably would have passed on this pattern if I had seen it all at once because I would have thought it was too hard for me.  I would have missed out!!!  

So thank you again Jane!  I hope to be a more adventurous tatter in future.

The parade of Normans continues at Tatting Patterns with the Added Fun Factor!


Carol Lawecki said...

Great looking Rooster!!

Fox said...

WOW! What a great rooster! He is truly something to crow about!
Fox : )

Martha said...

I looked at all the other roosters, and I have concluded that yours is the most attractive Norman and the best photograph. Donna's also looks cute since she placed him in a wheat field, and I like Tine's "mine Cock" who has a very nice wife and kids. Then there's that show-off, Mary, who tatted an entire farm scene -- just kidding, Mary, in case you read this :)

Fox said...

This new page is great! Love your new design.
: )) Fox