Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Method to My Madness

Thank you everyone, for your warm reception of the embroidered crochet block in my last post!  I LOVE the idea of mingling tatting, crochet and embroidery.  That kind of cohabitation occurs often in crazy quilting, but I want to add it to clothing and household items.  In pursuing my dream of becoming a proficient tatter (and yes, I have ALWAYS wanted to tat, but didn't have any means to learn until the internet), it has also been my goal to use it in creative ways to embellish my sewing projects.  Not that you've seen me sew much in the last year.  Learning to tat, especially with small children, is all consuming...

I thought I would share what works for me, to combine embroidery and tatting.  The photo above is actually of a copy I made of an edging I tatted and the fabric I plan to use it with.  I made three copies to play with.  I used pencil to mark the embroidered stitches I am thinking of using because I plan to stitch with ecru thread which will match my tatting thread.  If I were planning to stitch with colored floss, I would have used a marker or colored pencil.  For this edging I plan to sew it on with straight stitches and highlight it with French knots - I love making French knots!  My plan may require a little tweaking when I begin to sew, but I think it helps me to draw it out like this to see if it will enhance or detract from the tatting.

I don't know if crazy quilters ever try this method, but I think it could be VERY handy for them to lay elements in place, make a copy, and then sketch out stitching ideas.

I'll keep you posted on my progress with this little project!


Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

Wow - you are a great planner to draw out your stitching ideas before jumping right in. Your idea looks great - will you use it on a quilt or on something smaller?

I admire your embroidering - I have plans to embroider some dishtowels, but I haven't done it in years. It will be a miracle if I ever get to it - and I don't have little people to keep track of! I will be watching your progress :)

Fox said...

Ann, that is so pretty - looks like smocking, which I love and you don't see too often anymore.

You are so P R E C I S E and certainly do plan out what you are going to attempt! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Fox : )

Martha said...

That is very clever of you to copy and draw the pattern...and very effective. It's easy to visualize how it's going to look with the addition of the embroidery stitches -- it's going to look FABULOUS!