Monday, January 25, 2010

I Feel Good Mojo Coming My Way!

I am halfway through Day 10 of the TIAS and OVER halfway through with a wood floor we are putting down in one of the kids' rooms.  We may also be switching rooms for the kids, so I don't know who will end up walking on wood.  Perhaps I should have a drawing... but I don't think they would like that.  I'm enjoying the TIAS but not the flooring.  Wood working AIN'T MY THING, and I must admit to doing a happy dance when my husband announced the saw battery needed recharging.  I hoped it meant some good mojo was coming my way and as I gazed at my TIAS I became sure, because to my eye my little birdie looked much like Sherry's MOJO.  But now I see others' TIAS projects and am thinking my little MOJO is indeed...  a rooster.  If he is, I'm still going to at least NAME him Little Mojo!  

Gotta get back to work - why does that battery have to charge faster than something fun like an ipod?


Anonymous said...

LOL, I hear ya about the battery. I love your colors of your Moje.

Fox said...

OMG! I saw the photo and thought you were experiencing a dreadful impasse time with TIAS! What a juxtaposition!

Your tatting is looking very, very nice!
A Relieved Fox : )

Vanessa said...

You're so right, it does look like a rooster!

Martha said...

Now I can totally see it -- and how nice that you picked the perfect shades for a colorful rooster. It's looking wonderful.

I haven't had any experience with putting down wood floors, but when we tried to carpet one of the bedrooms ourselves, I cut my thumb with the carpet knife and we had to stop everything to go to the ER. Fortunately, because I am such a klutz, Gordon rarely asks for my help.