Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yum-yum! Party Pizzas!

One of our holiday traditions is to make a bunch of appetizers on Christmas Eve and munch away.  My mother-in-law always made Party Pizzas and they are a favorite.

They are very simple.  Spread cocktail bread (we like pumpernickel) with tomato paste.  Sprinkle on some ground oregano.  Top with browned Italian sausage and shredded mozzarella cheese.  Bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees until the cheese melts and browns a little.  Yum!


Katie said...

I'm glad it's almost lunch time. Those are making me (wiping mouth) drool!

Martha said...

Those look delicious, Ann -- and easy. They'll be perfect to take to my sister's house for our Christmas Eve celebration -- THANKS!

Fox said...

Perfect fast and easy nibble and not half bad for you as well! I'll try them!
Fox : )

A Happy Bluebird said...

So easy - thanks! I think we may have to make some of these :)

H J said...

Aaaarrrggggh! What are you thinking? What are you doing? My levels are going to be all askew when I go to my doctor's for tests tomorrow.
And what excuse am I supposed to give? That you blogged this yummy delicious recipe just to sabotage all my will power and healthy efforts?
I want a signed, handwritten note from you admitting your culpability!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Thanks everyone, I hope that if you do try them you like them as much as we do. When I am feeling particularly festive I make them with whole milk mozzarella from the deli case. That stuff is like candy...

To HJ's doctor,
I have been a bad, BAD person leading HJ astray. She was doing GREAT until I irresponsibly shared my mother-in-law's Party Pizza recipe. I'm sorry she is all WONKY now. Hope she liked them though!
:) Ann