Sunday, November 29, 2009

Off-Roading and Misquoting

With the flurry of tatted fall leaves which has been fluttering through cyberspace in recent weeks, I wanted to create one of my very own so I ordered a copy of "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf" by Karey Solomon and set my cap for the Oak Leaf.

That was SOME TIME ago!  This is the first piece I have tatted which wasn't either an edging or a motif created in an orderly fashion around a central axis.  The pattern meanders a bit, IN FACT it felt like I left the pavement and went off-road tatting!  I got stuck a couple times and had to call in a new shuttle to pull me out, I spun my wheels unpicking mistakes and by the time I pulled back on the highway I was running on fumes.  It WAS a fun ride though, even if there were times I doubted I was headed in the right direction, and I'll take this pattern for another spin sometime.

It is no secret that I like collages.  So I had allot of fun poking around a website called Polyvore recently.  People go there and make a collage about pretty much anything.  Allot are about fashion or actresses but there are some about things such as sewing, quilting and crochet.  To search the site, click on the arrow to the right of "Search for Products" in the toolbar at the top of the page.  Select search by sets.  Then you can type in whatever interests you and see if anyone has made a collage of related items.  I even tried colors and found some fun inspiration!  I made my Garbo pun after seeing a version on this site, but I couldn't find it again when I went back to look for it.

A FINAL NOTE:  APPARENTLY Garbo never said, "Leaf me alone." or even, "LEAVE me alone."  She said, "I want to be let alone."  But I already knew she had been misquoted in some form or fashion because I attended Looney Tunes University as a child and it was there that I took an intense, fifteen second,  Garbo 101 course.  It was a TOUGH final.

Th-th-th-That's All Folks!  Cue the music...


Fox said...

Hi, Ann!
I always have known this as," I VANT to be alone"! Now I see there was a misquote out there that I never knew about! Good thing, too!

Wasn't she beautiful! Lovely old photo.

Punsters will be rewarded! Love the post almost as much as your wonderful leaf. It is great! So glad you persevered and worked through the pattern. I really must get back to that wee booklet....
Fox : )

Gina said...

Wonderful fun post! Sometimes we tatters take tatting w-a-a-a-a-y too seriously so I love a little levity along the way.

Arty Lady's blog said...

Just gorgeous, what a lovely photo too.

Katie said...

The leaf is gorgeous, & the analogy was so much fun!! I love off-road travel, it's sooooooooo much more interesting!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Fox!
I like your version said SLOOOOWLY! Yes, she was beautiful and yes, you MUST revisit that "wee booklet" when the muse calls!

Hi Gina!
Thanks, I like to laugh when I can!

Thank you Arty Lady, and thanks also for dropping by!

Thanks Katie! Yep, it is more interesting. As far as tatting goes, perhaps I should become a thrill seeking tatter and see where it takes me!

:) Ann

Martha said...

That leaf is so pretty -- I love the color and the 3 dimensional twisty look of it. I've never seen a tatted leaf before -- I wonder if they had patterns like this when your grandmother was tatting.

James Cagney never said "You dirty rat."
Bela Lugosi never said "I want to suck your blood."
Johnny Weissmuller never said "Me Tarzen, you Jane."
I kind of wish they had.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hey Martha!
I think they did have patterns like this way back. I just got a book which has some patterns from the early 1900's and there is a really pretty pansy and a climbing vine. There is also an AMAZING shawl made of netting with tatted motifs added to it.

Isn't it funny that the misquotes are usually better than what was REALLY said? But PLEASE tell me Cary Grant really said, "JU-DAY! JU-DAY! JU-DAY!"

:) Ann

Kathy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I adore this leaf. It must have been a wild ride.:) Glad the fumes lasted long enough to reach the final destination.

I hate to bust your bubble, Cary never said "Judy, Judy, Judy" in any of his movies. He came close to it Only Angels Have Wings (1939) with lines such as "Oh Judy" and "Yes, Judy", but he never said it. He did say "Susan, Susan, Susan" however in Bringing Up Baby (1938). The story of how the phrase "Judy, Judy, Judy" became associate with Cary Grant is here