Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sun Tea

Although I ENJOY reading everyone's Tatting Tea Tuesday postings, I usually do not have anything myself to offer.  I LOVE tea, but only ICED tea... preferably Lipton with no sugar or lemon (shudder).  On special occasions, I OCCASIONALLY make my iced tea with bottled water rather than tap.  LET ME TELL YOU that in a tall clear glass filled with ice, it sparkles like the sun!

And today being the national... OK, maybe just local... yes, yes quite possibly just in my own home, HOLIDAY that it is, SUN tea would be the order of the day (if the sun were actually out)!  Because yesterday was the winter solstice, today is the first day of many that we will gain an additional minute or two of sunlight and that is cause of great celebration and rejoicing to me every year!

I could not be described as a sun worshipper (this pasty pudding doesn't tan well) or outdoorsy type, but apparently I need the sun to be out there even when I am not, to promote my own happiness and well being.  I become grouchy, sullen and unproductive without my sunshine.  So in my home we could call this RETURN OF GOOD ANN DAY, although that seems to promise allot, so maybe it should be RETURN OF A HIGHER PERCENTAGE POSSIBILITY OF GOOD ANN DAY.  It's a mouth full and will make for a very expensive banner, but still it IS cause to celebrate!  So in answer to the Tatting Tea Tuesday question, "How many extra minutes of sunshine will you take with your tea, one or two?"  I would answer, "TWO PLEASE!"

My tatted sunshine today is a rendition of a pattern by Jane Eberall.  It is part of her Sun, Moon and Stars Mobile.  I say it is a rendition because it was not done perfectly.  I did not have small enough beads for my sunshine to have a sunny smile.  My beads produced a joker-like grin not suitable for the large orb that heats the earth - that kind of grin would produce fear of accelerated global warming.  My execution of the pattern is a little clumsy and the pattern is intended to be placed in a large ring,  but I am quite pleased with my patch of sunshine and am now even MORE excited about Jane's upcoming TIAS project in January!

Oh! I forgot to mention.  Those really ARE the clouds I saw in the sky last night a little before dusk.  Today they have melded together to obscure the blue but the sunshine still manages to filter through so I am happy!


Jane Eborall said...

Well I think your sun is fabulous and without a smile it could be called a wintery sun. I'd be glad to see it at the moment - not a lot of sun around here!!!!

Katie said...

Wow! I'm going to have to come back & stare at this pic of blue sky & sunshine. We're in for a few days of ice & snow, so I'm gonna need some sunshine!

Thanks for the laugh. The banner would be a mouth-ful, but it's soooooooo darned funny!

Fox said...

That is such an upbeat visual! Warms my heart on this VERY cold and windy winter day. Brr... it is cold in TO.

Good work on that motif. Nice work!

I am enjoying your YELLOW sun. Seems that I notice this part of the colour spectrum more and more these days!
Fox : )

Martha said...

Oh dear -- you would probably not enjoy living in the Pacific NW -- it can be a bit gloomy and our winter days are significantly shorter than yours. I really don't mind it at all, and it's so beautiful here that everyone just tolerates the gray skies and hopes for a small sun break.

I love your little sun. Once again, I don't see any flaws in your depiction and it looks very sweet against that beautiful blue sky.

What a great day -- the RETURN OF A HIGHER PERCENTAGE POSSIBILITY OF GOOD ANN DAY. I'm sure my family feels the same about me, but I can't blame it on the weather.

Gina said...

I very seldom drink hot tea but I drink iced tea year round. :-)

We could use a little sun around here too! Nice tatted sunshine to substitute is better than none.

Tatteristic's 25 Motif Tatting Challenge said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such a nice note. I, too, am interested in the T.A.T. Apprentice and TIAS and hope I am able to successfully complete all the various tasks I want to try this coming year. Good luck to you and I'll check your blog again to see how you're doing!

sewmuchfun4 said...


Jane - I'm so happy you like my wintery sun and I hope the real deal is shining on you! I loved working on this pattern and even though my smile didn't work out, I thought it was awesome the way you used a picot to add that many beads!

Katie - I'm following the weather you guys are getting up there. Stay warm and safe. Come back and stare at my sun as much as you like. Wish I could send some warm rays your way!

Fox - I cannot IMAGINE how cold your winters are! I also have not been a huge fan of yellow until recent years. I guess I have become a fan because my living/dining room is not far off the color of my sun! Oh yeah, it's a bright sunshiny day in there even in the middle of the night!

Martha - I vacationed in your neck of the woods about 15 years ago. It was October and we stayed on Orcas Island. It was BEAUTIFUL, and yeah, not so much sun. But I gotta say it might be worth sacrificing a few rays to live in that part of the world!

Gina - I've been thinking about you and all this weather. Hope you are doing well - stay safe! You probably need to skip the iced tea AND the hot tea. You need to bring in the big guns - Cocoa! Don't forget the little marshmallows!

Tatteristic - thanks for dropping by. I'll be checking in with you as well. Hope both our shuttles are flying in 2010!

Kathy said...

This sounds familiar. I too count down the days until we start adding a minute of daylight. The only problem with that is I have to face winter, cold and dreary days. Like Steve Martin said (at least I think he did), "A day without sunshine is like night." When its dark I'm ready to sleep. I'm always cold too so that doesn't help. I have a beach scene as the desktop on my computer. :)