Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Lovely Gift From A Kind Friend

Not long ago my blogging friend, Martha, mentioned in an email that she had found some things while reorgainizing her sewing room which I might like...  IMAGINE my surprise when I received her package in the mail and unwrapped this BEAUTIFUL, tatted, camisole yoke!!!  I had ACTUALLY been pondering how long it would take to make one of these lovelies since TATBiT posted a scan of 15 Tatted Yokes & Camisoles.  What a coincidence!  The yoke is in WONDERFUL shape and the tatting is VERY nice!

Martha enjoys buying vintage items such as patterns, fabrics, quilt blocks and edgings which she uses to create new masterpieces or complete the project envisioned by another.  She has an eye for possibilities and the patience to complete intricate work.  Her blog, Q is for Quilter, is one of my favorite places to visit.  I love looking at her vintage books and seeing what new project she is tackling!

So I plan to take a cue from Martha and use this yoke for a project when I find the right pattern and fabric.  It may take a while because I want it to be just right, but I plan to enjoy the journey.

But wait!  Martha's generosity didn't end there!  She looked through her stash of Work Basket leaflets and found several with tatting patterns which she sent to me - SO nice!  Looking through these WONDERFUL issues makes me want to take up new crafts!  However, the tatting patterns are REALLY nice and I think they will be fun to try so I will resist temptation... for now.

I especially like this doily,

and these edgings.

And of COURSE, I always LOVE to look at the ads.  This one caught my eye.

I don't know which I would enjoy more, my hobby bringing IN $20 each day or the extra 4 hours this ad seems to promise... would it be TERRIBLY greedy of me to want BOTH?

Thank you Martha!  You are VERY kind and I am enjoying planning how to put these gifts to use.  I am also ABSOLUTELY convinced that your sewing room must be a WONDERFUL place!


Fox said...

Ann, I cannot believe that post! Talk about synchronicity (mine is about a surprise vintage gift as well!)

What a wonderful piece of tatting. Just beautiful and so inspiring to look at. Makes one want to tackle BIG projets - for a couple of seconds!

Enjoy your reading! Those adverts are fascinating.
Fox : )

Martha said...

Oh Ann -- What a nice surprise. I am so touched that you wrote a whole post about my little gift, and I'm very happy that you like the tatted yoke. I know you'll make it into something wonderful.

Carol Lawecki said...

So sweet of your friend to gift you with such lovely vintage pieces. The Tatted Yoke is beautiful. I would love to see the yoke when you add material to the piece. How special it will be.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Fox!
I'll have to check your post out - that IS funny! The yoke is very pretty and well made. I don't even want to THINK about how long it would take me to make one myself! I'm not setting the world on fire with MY shuttle!
:) Ann

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Martha!
It may seem little to you, but I don't feel like I can say thank you enough! You've already given me so much fun just THINKING about how to use the yoke and reading the Work Baskets! I may run into snarls and setbacks along the way but I hope to make something nice for my oldest daughter - the yoke is her size!
Thank you again, Martha!
:) Ann

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Carol!
Yes, Martha is VERY nice! She is very encouraging and inspires me with the projects she creates. Thank you for your vote of confidence! I hope to make something for my teenager with the yoke.
:) Ann

A Happy Bluebird said...

OMG! What a wonderful piece of tatting. I have vintage magazines with patterns for cami yokes, and have often wondered how long it took to make something that was probably only worn where no one could see it. I'm sure you will make something wonderful to actually show the beautiful work!

The old magazine ads are so fun - extra hours would be nice, wouldn't they? I've also noticed there are burning cigarettes in ashtrays on beautiful doilies in some of my magazines - at one time it was so glamorous! I wonder what current ads our great-grandchildren will chuckle at.

Gina said...

You got lucky too! and what a lovely yoke! It looks like it's in perfect condition, which you seldom find these days. What a nice friend!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog and for voting for the Kiski Marching Band to win Band of the year!! Your daughter will enjoy the band experience, and you will too! We have had so much enjoyment right along with Katrina.

I was looking at the Yoke again and keep wondering how long it would take to make and how old this piece must be. It surely is a beautiful piece of work!!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Happy Bluebird!
I wonder too how long it would take to make a yoke. And when I consider how LONG it would take me and that if I were making it for myself, there is NO TELLING what my size would be when completed (I'm currently on a downward yo, yea!), let's just say it's very off-putting!

How sweet would that be to have extra hours? Except maybe on a bad day - but then maybe you could bank them to use another day? I'd go for that!

:) Ann

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Gina!
Yes, Martha is a VERY nice friend. The yoke IS in great shape - it feels very sturdy when you hold it - has a nice heft to it too.
:) Ann

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hey Carol,
No problem! I can be a little compulsive, so you can count on me for more votes! Band has been great for our daughter - they have a wonderful program here. I know it will be quite a commitment in high school, but there are so many rewards.
:) Ann