Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's a Cinch!

Caddie, a cinch sack pattern 
has been claimed by Baby Doll
for her library book bag.
Let's hope it gets lots of use this summer!

The yarn is from my stash,
a Tuesday Morning purchase.
I used cording from JoAnns
rather than make my own i-cord
and secured it at the bottom
with D rings.


Fox said...

Hi Ann,
Though we never see too much of Baby Doll, I can see how much she has grown since the last glimpse! Goodness!

Great bag.
Fox : )

Martha said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ann -- this is brilliant, and I can hardly believe this is Baby Doll -- so grown up. You picked up knitting so quickly (maybe because of all the tatting experience). My knitting repertoire is still limited to socks.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Thanks, Fox and Martha! There are some days I can hardly believe how much Baby Doll has grown myself! I wondered if I should stop calling her Baby Doll, but she had me read the post to her since her picture was part of it and didn't take offense at being called a baby, so I guess I'm still good using the name. You know how that goes, they are always your baby even when they tower over you.

Happy Mother's Day!


Janine said...

What a cute bag/back pack!!!!! You do such good work. Baby Doll is lucky. :)
Much love, and Happy Belated birthday! I'm sorry that I didn't contact you on the actual day. :(

sewmuchfun4 said...

Thanks, Janine! Seems to me you've been a tad busy, ya know, moving and all...

Love you,