Sunday, July 21, 2013

It Takes a Village of Knitters make some projects successful.
 The pattern is well written
and rewarding.

I was a bit headstrong
in my choice of yarn, though.
It HAD to be Patons Grace
because I liked the color and the sheen,
and it was in my stash...
and it was in my stash...
and it was in my stash...
The weight of the yarn was fine
but the fiber content is cotton 
and the finished cowl was way too stretchy.
I was kind of bummed...
but then I remembered reading a blog post
recently about a project which
had similar problems
and had been salvaged using crochet stitches
on the inside edge.

I gave it a whirl and was very happy with the results!

It now has enough body to hold its shape when worn.

This cowl will go into my knitting group's charity sale -
I'll have to make another for myself...


Jane McLellan said...

Cotton shows the texture up nicely. I'm glad you found a way to overcome the stretchiness. I'm just about to follow your links.

Janine said...

Great job! I am amazed at your talent ..... because this is all "Greek" to me, so cotton or no cotton, I'm very impressed. :)
And of course, I love you.