Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gray Cap

It's a fine boy who puts on the cap
his mom knit 
(even though it's a little big
because it started out as a cap for his dad)
and weathers the cold
to clean out her car
just because he feels like it...
Pattern:  Scraptastic Hat
Yarn:  Woolie Wonka, Ceridwen Sock, 
   100% Merino Wool, Pewter


Fox said...

Well, hello Ann! And a very Happy New Year!

Cute hat, and lovely tension.
Fox : )

Janine said...

Love the hat!! And kudos to the fine boy. :)
Much love. :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Fox! Thank you! I am enjoying knitting. The hard part is foisting it off family members. Maybe as my skill set grows I'll be more in demand. :)
XO's back to you! I'll "visit" soon. Happy New Year!

Thanks Janine! Doesn't it just do your heart good when one of your kids does something nice for no apparent reason? Love you!