Thursday, October 4, 2012

Babydoll's Magical Knits

The weather has become perfect
for Babydoll to start wearing
her summer knitting.
I've been enjoying listening to audio books while I knit.
In an attempt to interest Groovy Girl in a
little summer reading,
I picked up the first Harry Potter from the library
and got totally hooked on it myself.  

I listened to the whole series this summer
as I knit these great patterns.
Jim Dale narrated all of the books.
He really brings the characters to life.

When I fell in love with the top pattern,
I noticed it was called "Hermione"
and thought the designer must like Harry Potter.
Somewhere around book four
and while I was hard at work on Hermione,
I noticed the name of the shrug,
by the same designer, was "Ginny."
Harry Potter fan - check!

Toward the end of the series, I began thinking
a shrug was a great choice for Ginny,
and the fact that Hermione has
an eyelet pattern called "Elfin"
incorporated into it
couldn't be more perfect.

I doubt my creative pursuits and "reading" will
ever be so perfectly synced again,
so pardon me for saying 
that it made summer seem

"Hermione" and "Ginny" are both from

They were designed by
Janine le Cras.

I am working on my third,
and definitely not last,
project from this book...
Looks like I'll have to hit the kid's section
of the library,
or maybe just listen to The Pretenders.


Martha said...

Hi Ann -- It's so nice to hear from you again, and I love your new blog design.

I'm so impressed by your progress in knitting -- Babydoll's dress and shrug are adorable, and I love the color!

weekend knitter said...

How beautiful! Love the color!