Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tatting With Ease

Tatting With Ease
(to the tune of  “Down in the Valley”, lyrics by Ann)

Take up a shuttle,
Wind it with thread,
Soak in the color,
Blue, yellow, red,
Follow the pattern,
Tat where you’re led,
Rings, chains and picots,
Filling your head.

Hands dance a ballet,
Thread sings a song,
Lace is appearing,
Delicate, strong,
Shuttle moves surely,
Doing no wrong,
This perfect moment,
Tatting along.

Tatting with ease, you’re
Tatting with ease,
Smooth, gliding shuttle,
Does what you please,
Mind sheds its worry,
Heart is at peace,
Joy resurrected,
Sorrows release.

Tatting with ease, you’re
Tatting with ease,
Smooth, gliding shuttle,
Does what you please.

(A little ditty for your humming pleasure)

The tatted piece is a pattern  from "Let's Tat" which I was fortunate enough to borrow from  Fox.  It's been done for a few months... who knew hiding the ends could take so long?


Fox said...

Well, i was wondering how you would emerge...figures it is with a clever ditty! And a sample from Let's Tat!

When I got no response to my email, I considered sending in the Tatting Police after a filing an LTR (Lost Tatter Report). Luckily, you have signed in before I did.

Great to "see" you!
Fox : ))

Happy Bluebird said...

You are such a good poet - is that where you've been? Writing a book of poetry perhaps? And here I thought you were just busy with "life" :) Hope all is well.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I LOVE it! It's right up there with Marion, Madame Librarian and Tat a little, chat a little, pick, pick, pic!

I'll be back next week, when my Internet is back up. : )

(Posted from Barnes and Noble, a half hour from home)

Martha said...

Hi Ann! Love your lyrics, and thanks for the link to the song -- I don't think I saw that episode.

It nice to see you back -- hope you are holding up okay in the heat. We had a lovely warm day yesterday, but it never seems to last long.

Gina said...

You're so multi-talented! You know, they used to have little rhymes they chanted when making lace. I think it was bobbin lace and I forget the correct name of the rhymes but it helped to pass the time and keep them in rhythm.
Here's one reference to it:

Gina said...

They were called "Lace Tells" and there's more here about half way down: