Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's My Boy!

I was "minding my business like a good girl should"
several weeks ago
when Boy approached me with a
He had been trying to learn to knit
for a project for his 3D Art Class
for a couple weeks
and decided it was time to 
wave the white flag
and ask Mom for help.
Now there's a whole 'nother 
I've always been a FAIL at knitting.
But that night was magic,
sitting with Boy on the sofa
looking at "Knitting for Dummies" together...
I caught the bug and he learned to knit passably
(so long as I hovered and cautioned).

Since then I have been caught in a knitting vortex,
and as you can see, I have been making swatches
and trying to figure this thing out,
determined to make at least
before I give the needles a rest.
I'll keep you posted...
Not much later, after our knitting night,
Boy asked me if I would help him learn to sew.
For his next art class project, he wanted to make a quilt.
Of COURSE I would!
But Boy tends to dream big
and as he sat down at the computer to research quilts,
I felt bud nipping was in order
and suggested the simple pattern you see here.

He worked VERY hard on this.
Did it ALL himself - Cutting, Piecing and Quilting...
and I have the video to prove it...

this was supposed to be an "in class project".
Several kids knitted scarves while others made "quilts."
I say "quilts" because knotting fleece together
doesn't fit my uppity definition of a quilt.

Boy took the hard road and drug me down it with him
by making this quilt,
and although I fussed and complained at times
(mostly because of having to video it all)
I'm glad to have had the opportunity
to guide him through it.
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm sure.
And now I have the memory of working with Boy
and video of his silly little sisters
prancing through the kitchen as he sewed.

Since this post has become an
Ode to Boy,
I will finish by sharing his true, current passion,

Boy loves working with hammer and nails.
This bird house was his first project.
With no previous experience, a hand saw and a hammer,
he constructed this abode for birds.
Dad and his drill completed the job.
Boy cut bamboo from the yard for the perch.

this little bird is as big a dreamer as Boy.
They will get along just fine...


Anonymous said...


I really loved your post about you and Boy - it was so touching!

It's so nice to see that there are still children in these times that want to learn something good and constructive.

Cherish and treasure that, and always encourage him to keep going in that direction.

Again, thank you!

Lelia said...

thx for sharing - I enjoyed reading your post!

Bri's Bits said...

I truly enjoyed your post about Boy. It warmed my heart :) I used to homeschool my own Boy, but he has since grown and moved out of the house, and I surely miss doing those very sort of things with him. Your post is a treasure in itself, ty for posting and sharing :X

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Working with kids can be sew much fun! I had a blast helping my granddaughter sew an apron last summer. I'll have to direct her to this post to re-generate her enthusiasm!

Fox said...

What a fabulous post! I must show this to my baby - who is 37 - and he will understand why. Never , but NEVER would he ever have done what your little guy has achieved! He is all thumbs that way and where hammers are concerned - or needles - he must ask his wife to take over the situation!

Love the the Boy accomplished all that he has.
♥Fox : )

Martha said...

I really enjoyed reading about boy and his artistic endeavors. His quilt is very impressive, and I love it that a bird has made a home in his birdhouse -- boy and bird must be so pleased.

Our boy is also very creative, and our girl has recently and amazingly expressed a desire to learn hand embroidery, which makes me very happy.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Thank you everyone, on Boy's behalf! I am proud of him and thankful that he wants to create things. I know how much satisfaction there is in that. Perhaps I was misleading though, Fox, because I breathed a sigh of relief as Boy stitched the last bit of binding on the quilt - I was QUITE worried about his fingers, mostly because his mind can wander and that needle moves awfully fast!
:) Ann

Lelia said...

Happy Tatting Day!

N. Maria said...

What a GREAT post!!!! I love the bright colored Tatting Press on the side bar, too.
You do beautiful work, Ann.