Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Troubles, Just Bubbles

I haven't been in the Blogosphere much lately...

But now school is finished

and there is more time for

bubbles for Baby Doll,

swimming for Groovy Girl,

games for my Boy,

books for my Oldest,

and long walks with DH.

For me, I also hope to find time for

tatting, sewing, and blogging.

Is that my own version of 

The Impossible Dream?

I hope not because

this summer

I plan to have three more kids at home,

as well as,

six extra helping hands...


Leanna said...

Awesome blog! Have a wonderful and prolific summer, Sweetie!
Do your youngsters like to create too?
I'm trying to get my daughter (aged 11) interested...for years, now...and nothing yet.

Gina said...

Good for you! Though we lived in near-poverty most of the time, I tried to stay home in the summer with my kids as much as possible. Lots of good memories of those times, simple as they were, are in my heart.

Fox said...

Happy times ahead in the sunshine for you and your brood! enjoy yourself!
♥ Fox : )

Martha said...

I love the photo of Baby Doll blowing bubbles in her bubble dress. Yea Summer!