Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Do You Catch A Wave Upon The Sand?

Today, Krystal posted about the struggle we all feel 
balancing the unrelenting practicality
foisted upon us by the real world 
with our creative projects
and the stuff of our dreams...

Some days I feel like I am full to overflowing with ideas.
Some are GREAT (I think),
some are wild (and less than feasible),
some are harebrained (but they make me happy),
and then there are the duds (bound to happen I suppose).

Lately, I have been trying something new.
It is NOT a new idea at all, 
and one that I'm sure has been tossed about
in many self help books.
Here it is in all its glory:

I'm finding myself interesting.

I'm taking more of an interest in myself,
and taking care of myself,
but also I'm giving myself credit for
having interesting ideas.
Good grief, if I don't who will?

And  so I'm writing all these interesting ideas down.
In a little sketch book.
With my little colored pencils.

Now my interesting ideas
will be there for me
when I'm feeling
less than interesting...
and holding the page for me
when life is too busy to wait.

It's my way of holding moonbeams in my hand
and catching waves upon the sand...
but I STILL don't know
WHAT to do with Maria...

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Hurrahhhhh for sewmuchfun!!!!!!

Great idea! And VERY interesting!

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