Friday, March 19, 2010

Far and Away

This week is the kids' spring break so we decided to take them where the wind comes sweeping down the plain to visit my dad.  This is the first visit that he has really gotten to know Baby Doll.  She has always been too clingy and shy during past visits, but this time she really warmed up to him and he LOVED it.  My 84 year old dad laid down on the floor to color Disney princesses with her and talk about matching colors!  He also introduced her to rainbow Goldfish.  The first little bowl she got, she picked through, eating all the usual "gold" fish, then asked for more.  We had to show her that the rainbow fish were edible also!  Dad also took Baby Doll out to see the wheat.  He walked her about five feet into the field and asked her how she liked it.  She liked it FINE and ran about a hundred feet farther into the field just smiling and laughing.  Our oldest dove in after her because Baby doll showed no signs of stopping!  It was a nice visit for all of us.

The first picture is the view from my childhood home toward my high school alma mater.  I would imagine not many people could look out their window toward their school ten miles away and see the football field lights.  I could.  I could also look the opposite direction toward the larger town twelve miles away and see the fireworks display on July 4th.  It was in miniature of course, but still pretty...

Here I've zoomed in so you can see my high school.  It's right there on this side of the grain elevators.  Spot it?  Me neither... too bad football season is over.

As far as tatting goes, I was busy, busy, busy on the drive to Dad's house and back home... but I've got nothing to show for it... or rather, nothing I CAN show for it.  I took a couple projects with me to work on but found the car too noisy to explore any new territory, so I opted for working on the TAT Apprentice course.  I've read most of my binder and looked over the exercises SEVERAL times.  Me tackling a project like this, is sort of like Ed Norton signing a paper - lots of theatrics to get everything JUST RIGHT so I can FINALLY begin!  So after a couple of false starts and a thread change, I am halfway through the first exercise.

OK, I'm BAD, BAD, BAD and I know it's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and I'm not really SUPPOSED to show any of my TAT work, but I CAN'T do a post without showing a picture of something I'm working on... so here it is...

It's coming along, don't you think?  I've put a penny in for size comparison...


Fox said...

I'm afraid I will have to call in the TAT Security Force! You have ALMOST revealed top secret information and should face the summary flogging by shuttle - Aero-style!

The Oklahoma trip sounds like such fun for you and your family. Good to get away.

Good for you, Ed Norton, for familiarizing yourself with the programme.

I found it helpful to begin at the beginning and just take it in order, without looking too far ahead. Kept me focused on the 'NOW'.

I think it is wonderful that you are doing the course - you are already such a wonderful tatter and this can just enhance your perspective and teach you a few new tricks!. Good stuff!
Fox : )

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hey Fox,
I haven't been able to comment on your comment until now because I have been in hiding. The TAT Security Force has been after me so I had to take it on the lamb - THEY AIN'T GETTING MY SHUTTLES!!!
A hurried and harried,

Fox said...

...check the living room window in the upper right corner, and rhe kitchen table, underneath in the centre...... bugged!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Oh no!!!! I thought those were just BUG, bugs! There's a van parked across the street... I'm trapped like a rat!