Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dweams and Dwums

I tatted the first couple rounds
of this motif after Baby Doll
had woken me up
several nights in a row,
frightened of her "dweams."

That accounts for the 
(in my mind)
lumps where I hid the thread ends.
Cheaters, a magnifying glass
and squinting were
not enough for these tired eyes to see.

Baby Doll began running a tempie (fever)
about the time I was debating
whether to chuck the motif
or keep tatting.

A (fairly) quick trip to the doctor
explained those "dweams."
Baby Doll had an ear infection
a virus - she likes to multitask.

So the last two rounds were tatted
over several nights, sitting on the floor by the sofa
(which is apparently the BEST sick bed in the house),
while Baby Doll fell asleep
watching Little Bear,
after being assured
that there would be no more

And now...
the "dwums" are healed,
the "dweams" are done,
but there's STILL a baby on my sofa
when bedtime comes.
But that's not ALL bad...

The motif is No. 15 - Rosette of Tatting, from Old-Fashioned Tatting Patterns, Book 1, edited by Barbara Foster.  It was another enjoyable tat, and the perfect relaxation for a worried mind.


Fox said...

Oh, I have missed your humour. "Multi-task", indeed!

This is a beautiful motif. Makes me happy to look at it!
Fox : )

Gina said...

I didn't click on the motif to enlarge it but I didn't see any big lumps. Maybe sleep deprivation has caused you to hallucinate???? (smile) Glad all is getting back to normal.

Happy Bluebird said...

Aaawwww - poor little bug. Oh, how I remember those days!

I'm glad everything is getting back on the upswing. Your tatting is wonderful, as usual!

God's Kid said...

Nice colorful motifs! :)

Janine (txmomx6) said...

So glad that B is feeling better. And .... LOVE the tatting and the colors!!!
And you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

I sure missed reading your posts! (I was away from blog-land for quite awhile)

Glad the dwums and dweams are better, and yes, the couch is the best sick bed... I'm in my 30's and I still use the couch when I get sick (LOL)

Szydełko i spółka said...

I read your blog, watch all the things you've made and WOW! All the things are so beautiful! I love your work!
Best regards, Aggie.

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