Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Froze My Toes, But Tatters Warmed My Heart

never heard of it...
until yesterday.

We had a few hours of it, at the end of which
the kids were  DELIGHTED
to find themselves with a free day,
but the little ones were DISAPPOINTED
to learn that there would be no snow play.
Today the ice remains, 
as do bitter cold temperatures,
the kids,
"ordered" rolling blackouts
have been added to the mix (for fun).
Still, watching the news, I know

But I must say as 
(in a "when will this go away" kind of way)
as the weather has been,
I have been
about emails from tatters in my inbox...

In the last 48 hours, there has been a 
FLURRYof activity
regarding my Tatting Press Pattern!
and it WARMS MY HEART because
I posted it hoping to contribute
to the tatting community
which has been so kind to me.

First came an email from
saying she had made her tatting press
and sharing
to the LOVELY blog
she has begun with her mom and sister.
Check out her cheery, Country French press!
She even posted WIP pictures of the press being made!

Next came an email from
to say she had also finished her press!!!
With her permission, here is a picture,
Serene also comes to mind.
The perfect press for tackling clunies!
Check out Maria's blog
and has recently taken up tatting.

THEN I read Fox's post
which showed a
LOVELY motif she tatted
and a picture of it in progress
on her Tatting Press
at the coffee shop!

because Maria sent information about the press pattern
to ANOTHER tatter,
the pattern may show up in new places online
so, HOPEFULLY, more tatters
will be able to make one of their own!

All this has added up to one VERY HAPPY...


Happy Bluebird said...

Thundersleet - that is always weird. Even those of us in the frozen tundra don't get it often!

The internet is an amazing way to share - how fun to see your pattern in progress all over. It IS wonderful, after all.

Your picture of the cardinal is absolutely beautiful. I wish that was outside MY window.

Stay warm!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We had thunder snow last night. It doesn't happen often, but we've heard it twice in the last two or three years. I'll take snow over sleet/ice any day!

Isn't it wonderful the way so much cheer has been spread around tatland? You started it, Ann! Thank you!

Isdihara said...

You're beaming with pride. And why shouldn't you be? Your tatting presses are marvelous! I know, I love the one you made me. ツ

Thank you for sharing that stunning cardinal photo. It warms my heart and inspires my tatting. I will be referring to it as I tat my first ever pair of earrings.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Cindy!
We have thrown some birdseed out the last couple days and I have been enjoying seeing cardinals, finches, a blue jay and a woodpecker hopping around on the ice.

Thanks Diane! I hope I have added to the cheer that is always floating around Tatland! Yes, snow is SO much better! THIS stuff just will not go away!

Hi Isdihara!
I took the cardinal picture the very day you posted your cute tatted cardinal! Those earrings are going to be so pretty!

:) Ann

Sally Kerson said...

Such a pretty bird to have in your garden, not so lucky over in England to have such a display of colour!
Congratulations on the success of your tatting press.

Martha said...

It was a great idea, followed by an amazing and well designed tutorial -- and the presses are so pretty! I'm sure it's going to be the must-have accessory for every tatter.

Love the cardinal photo!

Nardhelain said...

I second Martha's opinion! Two thumbs up on the tatting presses. In fact, I wish you'd open an Etsy shop and sell your presses; I don't have a sewing machine and have no other way to get one! Stay warm. :)