Monday, January 17, 2011

Joining the Fun With Jane and Janet

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read background text
if you EVER plan to read this book OR see the movie!
I've joined the fun
(Tat It And See).
Here are my Days 1 & 2.

that Jane takes the time
to do this every winter.
It is a day brightener
on these otherwise
gray days.

Another lady brightened my day
yesterday as I worked on the TIAS.
Janet Gaynor,
in Small Town Girl.
LOVE her smile and her voice.

So WHY the photo of a page from
Leave Her to Heaven?
A rather murderous book...
Ben Ames Williams
Small Town Girl
Leave Her to Heaven.

I have several books in my 
(or shelf if you prefer)
on which movies are based.
Since I have
Leave Her to Heaven
I thought I might also enjoy
Small Town Girl,
but at prices starting around $200,
per one site,
I think I'll wait until
I make my first million.

It'll be a while...

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Fox said...

Very entertaining post!
Fox : )