Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day is FOR THE BIRDS!

I've had a nice Mother's Day.  My oldest is on her way home from a weekend band trip but remembered to text me a wish for a happy day.  Groovy Girl colored a flattering portrait of me which has me thinking of cutting bangs and Baby Doll is being her sweet self, hugging my leg in the grocery and saying rather loudly, "I LOVE YOU!".  What more could I ask than that?  Oh, and everyone seems healthy - WONDERFUL!!!

So why is Mother's Day for the birds?  Because my son gave me this bird feeder and has been watching it with me for appearances of our feathered friends.  It has been our weekend activity together and I am enjoying it very much.

We have a pair of cardinals who seem to like the grub we are serving up.

I had some fun with these photos, using gradient filters in Photoshop like What Katie Does.  I like the effect, but need some more practice.

Happy Mother's Day!


TypsTatting said...

Those Cardinals are really lovely!!!

Fox said...

What a wonderful MD gift! You are going to love the birds that come for a visit. I grew up with lots of these -Dad made them and they were always stocked with seeds for the many varieties of winged beings who came year after year.

Glad you had a great day!
Fox - Friend to the Feathered : )