Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bee in My Bonnet or Sloth in My Socks?

learned the basics of knitting,
I got a bee in my bonnet
to make some socks for my Dad.
I thought,
I had found a hobby
which I could share with him.

But in an effort to be
I decided to make socks for
Baby Doll first.

Little Feet = Little Commitment

Good thing because
I tat slowly,
I sew slowly,
I do whatever I am doing slowly,
and it appears that knitting is no different.

I figure that at least by knitting little socks
I will reach the point of messing up
and learning lessons from it more quickly
and perhaps
I will then be able to begin
knitting Dad's big ol' size 12 socks...
I'm making socks from Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.  I am a total rookie knitter and have been amazed that I have made it this far.  This book has a great method and very effective instructions.


Fox said...

Weel, you can hang up your shuttles! If you are like me and wander down that obsessive making double-needled path, you will hve little time for anything else. There are so many patterns, needles yarns for the foot fancier (sounds a bit lurid, but, hey!)

I got stranded there for a number of years - must have knitted HUNDREDS of pairs of socks - all different kinds, sizes and yarns. What fun! I did not want to do anything else....sound familiar?!!

Enjoy your sojourn,
Fox : )

Cindy said...

Aaawwww - look at those cute little toes!

I think it's smart to start "small" - you are so brave! And it looks like you are doing the same fine work you always do :)

I have been avoiding learning to knit - the yarns out there are luscious, and I could see myself becoming addicted to yet another fiber art. No, no, no! I will gladly watch your wonderful progress!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Socks are so much fun to knit, especially little ones! Maybe I should finish up the sock I have on the needles... only one inch to go, but I haven't touched them since maybe February!

Have fun with your new obsession!

Martha said...

Oh, Ann -- I love hand knit socks, and those are the cutest ever (on the cutest ever little feet, too). I can't believe you jumped right in with socks, which I've always thought were the trickiest of knitting projects. You amaze me!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hey Fox!
No worries - my attention span is FAR too short to knit THAT many socks! I will be content with two. In fact, I thought about tatting more than knitting yesterday and had to go to JoAnn's for batting - yes batting - I've got another idea for transporting larger tatting projects.

Thanks Cindy!
Yep, the yarns are a worry for me also. I haven't gone to a REAL yarn shop yet though, so I'm not in imminent danger...

Hi Diane!
Your socks are part of the reason I'm giving this a go. I wished I could make something like that when I read one of your posts about knitting socks, so when I figured out a little bit about knitting it became a real goal.

Hi Martha!
I am in TOTAL agreement on the cuteness of those little feet - even though on closer inspection I noticed there is a little dirt under those toenails. Baby Doll loves to throw off her shoes (literally) and run barefoot even on the hot concrete. In that respect she takes after her mama. I HOPE I'll be successful in covering those feet with yarn. The heels are fast approaching and I'm a little worried. Thought I had better take a picture before I botch them! :)

:) Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give knitting another try this fall. Great idea on starting with something small - I'll have to remember that. Maybe I'll actually stick with it then!