Friday, October 29, 2010

Skipping One Across THE Pond

I wonder
how many skips
it will take
for this one to go
across THE Pond...
'ya know,

This tatter likes riddles,
so you'll have to 
her name...

Here are some
"helpful" hints:

She is the ONLY person
in the WORLD,
to EVER call me "lass."
Gotta say I liked it.
Felt young and 

She ain't
of color -
That's why
I thought
she could handle
this press.

She makes
with her magic
tat wand.

Heaven forbid,
if she took a 
bonk on the head
and forgot her name,
the constable
would still get
it partly right,
her surname
is not Doe.

She is
to all tatters
and such 
a nice person
to "know."

I betcha know who I'm talkin' about...

You may have wondered where I have gotten myself to (or quite possibly not).  I've been here working diligently on "The Plan" and am VERY happy to say it is almost there.  So close I can taste it (but have refrained).  I've been trying to stay away from Blogland for a bit in order to "get 'er done" and have only been allowing myself a little occasional lurker time here and there.  Hope to "see" everyone soon!


Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

hahahahaha, I know who it is, giggles :D:D
and she will LOVE it!

Crazy Mom! said...

The old git will be delighted!

Fox said...

It won't be a pain
But rather a gain;
She'll love it,
That pal 'cross the pond.
The one with the brain cell
She calls number three,
Who tats up a path
We all follow.

Hrmmph... I tried.
Fox : )

Jane Eborall said...

You are SO SO furrrnnnyyyyy. I DO hope it is this old git with the brain cell who lives across the pond, lass!!!!! If not then I'm drop dead jealous. PINK. I lurrrvvveee pink. I think Fox must've been and met the guy who used to live in this town at some point in a former life!!!!! Eat yer heart out, Shakespeare!!!!! Fox, you have talent!!!!

Cindy said...

LOVE the presentation :)

Great colors on another great press - it will be like Christmas in November when she gets her mail!

Lelia said...

enjoyed reading your post! What a fabbie color on your
tatting press ; )

Enjoy the weekend.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What's not to love?! It's sure to awaken that brain cell #3 if it chances to nod off!

sewmuchfun4 said...

WOW! You guys are amazing! ON. THE. NOSE. you are!

Thanks Bri - your enthusiasm is contagious! :D

I stopped short of calling Jane an old git - I thought it might give it away. :)))

Fox, I LOVE it when you break into verse!
-and- succeeded! :)))

Jane, Keep calling me lass - I think I shed a mental pound and year every time you do! Glad you like pink - but how do you feel about SHIMMER? There's a wee bit of sparkle in the fabric I thought you might like...

Thanks Cindy, but I am in HEAVY denial about November AND Christmas!

Thanks Lelia, hope you have a good one too!

Good point Diane! And a hepped-up-on-color #3 is good for us all!

:) Ann

Karrieann said...

That is yummy color!... but I gotta ask (am kinda new to this stuff.. the world of tatting.. anyhow.. what is a tatting press for?

Sally Kerson said...

My big sister is going to be thrilled when this special parcel gets "over the pond"and arrives at her home. She will also love the shimmer. You are lucky she calls me a "silly moo"!!!!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Karieann! The tatting press is something I came up with last spring to carry my WIP tatting in while I am out and about. It helps keep everything neat and tidy so I can whip those shuttles out when I have a minute to spare (and sometimes when I don't). This post shows it inside and out:

LOL Sally!
I've got a big brother who used to call me Tug (short for Tugboat Annie) or Munchkin Breath. Sometimes I miss it. "Silly Moo" sounds kinda sweet and I'm SURE she says it with great affection - BUT I'LL STILL TAKE LASS! :)))))

:) Ann

Gina said...

Great gift and great way to HINT and we ALL loved it!