Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tatting at the Bar

(Anniversary by Mary Konior, from Tatting With Visual Patterns, 
#5 for the 25 Motif Challenge)

     So I was hanging out at the bar.  It was a busy night and people were everywhere.  I knew I was in for a wait just to be served, so I pulled up a stool and pulled out my tatting.  I started a little edging I was previewing for a nighty for Baby Doll's baby doll.  After working a few minutes I realized someone was watching me and then a voice spoke from somewhere behind me.

     "Excuse me, is that tatting?"

     "Yes it is!" I turned and replied to the nice, smiling, lady.

     "My mother-in-law is crafty and she can tat.  I can't tat, but I can crochet," she continued.

     "That's funny because I can't CROCHET, but I can tat!" I laughed.  I was already taking a liking to this person.  We seemed to have a bit in common, what with an appreciation for fiber arts and both of us winding up in this particular bar on this particular night.

     "I can't believe anyone who can do THAT, wouldn't be able to learn crochet!"  It was her turn to laugh.

     But that is where our brief, crafting encounter ended at the bar, because an Apple Genius came and snagged my new acquaintance away from me to discuss the repairs on her computer and then my name was called so I could talk to my own Genius about the state of my iMac's hard drive.

     I hope her talk went better than mine...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Tatting Temptress

An Afterthought

'Twas in the garden chatting
Amid the mignonette,-
She with her snowy tatting,
I with my cigarette.
I still can see her fingers
Flit softly in and out;
With rapture memory lingers
To view her lips a-pout.

A happy sunbeam glancing
Upon a wayward curl
Set every pulse to dancing,
And turned my brain a-whirl;
And when she looked up shyly,
I could not help, you see,
But stoop and kiss her slyly
Behind the apple-tree.

Strange that some mote forever
Should mar the rays of bliss!
Though conscious I had never
Yet won so sweet a kiss,
Alas!  the act of plunder
So gracefully she bore,
I could not choose but wonder,
Had she been kissed before?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


No picture today? 
 Nahhh... it's a public service announcement after all!

And it's a SIMPLE one:


We have been without a computer all week.

On Monday, without warning, the hard drive crashed.

LUCKILY, I had a system backup 
thanks to a 
VERY good friend
who set it up for me
after she helped me update
my old family videos.

It wasn't as up-to-date as I would have liked
(because I don't have it back up constantly),
but it sure saved us the hassle of
resetting settings,
and we haven't lost a GREAT deal of work or pictures.

That concludes my announcement.
I will return
you and myself
to our regular schedule
of cruising about 
the Blogosphere.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful Pendant from Victats

It was a pleasure to pick up the post today
I received a package from Victats
which contained
this BEAUTIFUL pendant necklace
I won
from her last giveaway!
Thank you SO MUCH Vickie!
An added bonus for me
was snapping a picture
of this little fellow
while I photographed
my lovely, new necklace.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Doll and Good Mama Go Shopping

Baby Doll and Good Mother 
wandered into an antique mall one day.
Baby Doll found a pillowcase
hanging amidst countless other vintage linens
and pronounced it "mine!"

At first Good Mother did not agree
and explaining that it didn't "go" in Baby Doll's room
rehung it
amidst the countless other vintage linens.

As Good Mother continued to browse,
Baby Doll searched and found the case,
and again proclaimed it "mine!"

Good Mother glanced down,
and seeing the price tag,
hung it more determinedly than before
the countless other vintage linens.
(Perhaps I should rename Good Mother...)

As Good Mother continued to browse,
Baby Doll resumed her search
and found something else which caught her fancy
she spied THE pillowcase
the countless other vintage linens.

With a SQUEAL of delight
the newcomer linen was forgotten
and when Baby Doll DECREED the case, "MINE!" again,
Good Mama agreed...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Do You Catch A Wave Upon The Sand?

Today, Krystal posted about the struggle we all feel 
balancing the unrelenting practicality
foisted upon us by the real world 
with our creative projects
and the stuff of our dreams...

Some days I feel like I am full to overflowing with ideas.
Some are GREAT (I think),
some are wild (and less than feasible),
some are harebrained (but they make me happy),
and then there are the duds (bound to happen I suppose).

Lately, I have been trying something new.
It is NOT a new idea at all, 
and one that I'm sure has been tossed about
in many self help books.
Here it is in all its glory:

I'm finding myself interesting.

I'm taking more of an interest in myself,
and taking care of myself,
but also I'm giving myself credit for
having interesting ideas.
Good grief, if I don't who will?

And  so I'm writing all these interesting ideas down.
In a little sketch book.
With my little colored pencils.

Now my interesting ideas
will be there for me
when I'm feeling
less than interesting...
and holding the page for me
when life is too busy to wait.

It's my way of holding moonbeams in my hand
and catching waves upon the sand...
but I STILL don't know
WHAT to do with Maria...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Troubles, Just Bubbles

I haven't been in the Blogosphere much lately...

But now school is finished

and there is more time for

bubbles for Baby Doll,

swimming for Groovy Girl,

games for my Boy,

books for my Oldest,

and long walks with DH.

For me, I also hope to find time for

tatting, sewing, and blogging.

Is that my own version of 

The Impossible Dream?

I hope not because

this summer

I plan to have three more kids at home,

as well as,

six extra helping hands...